Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Kerala engineers deisgn a robot to clean Indian manholes-
Wohoo! We had the fortune to meet the young and able team at Genrobotics who designed the spider-shaped robot that cleans manholes and sewers with precision and automation - The Bandicoot. Kudos to these IIT boys with dreams and conciousness!

Johnston Sweepers Limited visits India-
The JSL, Beam and Bucher Team together visited us at KAEE HO to review progress and chalk out the way ahead this month! Here are some photos of the meetings and eatings that transpired.

Dussera and Diwali at Kam-Avida HO-
Festivities and Festivies! We've been having a celebratory month here at KAEE, HO. From antakshari for Diwali to Rangoli competions for Dussera - its been a lot of work and a lot of play!

Kam-Star for October 2018 - Maruti Gaikwad-
Maruti has been our help and domestic aid at KAEE HO for over 7 years now. Hes been a star performer, day on day, month on month! This month - we took cognisance of his exceptional contribution to the KAEE Teams well being.

KAEE Wins AMRUT Tech Challenge-
We cannot believe it, still! KAEE Stood 2nd in the Government of India- AMRUT Tech Challenge urging solutions to eliminate Manual Scavening in India.

Amitabh Bachchan buy 50 KAMBORE machines as promised on NDTV Cleanthon-
You read that right! Amitabh Bachchan placed an order for 1 Kambi and 50 Kambore machines as part of a donation to the Manual Scavengers Association and MCGM to help in the Swachh Bharat movement.

Sulabh International inaugurates the KAMJET GR on World Toilet Day-
The renowned Sulabh International inaugurates the KAMJET Gr Machine and presented to the country as the solution to end Manual Scavening

Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak of Sulabh International with the KAEE Team-
Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the father of the toilet in India and the founder of Sulabh International felicitates the KAEE Team on the winning of the AMRUT Award in Delhu

Our Mr. M Krishna, a panelist of the International WASH summit in Mumbai-
Our Managing Director - Mr. M Krishna attends the reputed WASH Sumit in Mumbai as a Paneslist. WASH works with all matters related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Internationally.

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