Monday, 6 July 2015

April' 15
This years Seva and Sports was celebrated with a twist. A week long Badminton Tournament culminated in the Sports Day Finals on 29th April 2015. The winning teams were Mr. Bhushan Patil and Mr. Mahendra Gaekwad and Runners Up Mr. Uttan Yewale and Mr. Kiran Pawar.

Unfortunately, due to the dismal Order Booking scores of our SCs this year we did not conduct the Annual Sales Coordinator Awards, but a Sales Gala Night was organized with a quiz and music program at PYC Gym.

An Employee Satisfaction Survey was conducted and 100% employees said they were happy to come to work every day and saw a huge potential for our sector in the coming future. We are delighted ! 

Our HR Team launched the Kam-Star Scheme where every month the best and most considerable contribution would be rewarded. Looking forward exictedly to our first ever Kam-Star.

We also launched an Idea Scheme encouraging all employees to share ideas.